Working together is the key

Rochester Escape Rooms

One team, one room, one solution

Rochester Escape Rooms is a unique live action "escape game" for groups of people.

Locked in a room, you must solve hidden clues to find a way out.

The clock is ticking so you will need to work together – and along the way you'll find out a lot about each other.

Rochester Escape Rooms is suitable for friends and family groups, higher education students and as a team-building exercise for businesses.

Getting in is easy. Together you can find a way out.

Who can play this live escape game

Rochester Escape Rooms is a fun, safe but challenging exit game that requires co-operation, lateral thinking and plenty of brainpower!

The game does not contain adult themes and is not frightening, but because of the challenging nature of the puzzles we recommend that players are aged 14 or over.

Players under 18 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult over 18.

The game takes around an hour to complete and we recommend taking part in groups of between four to eight people.

Friends &
Rochester Escape Rooms is a great way to bond with friends and family – and to test how well you get along!

You'll find out new things about people you've known for years and see how easy or hard it is for you to work together.

Concentrate, combine forces and think your way out of the escape room.


Get in, team up, get out … Unlock your team's potential by taking part in Rochester Escape Rooms with your colleagues. This superb team-building exercise will test relationships and help you find out more about people you think you already know well.

Who's the best listener? Who's the most inquisitive? Who works best in a team? Find out by playing Rochester Escape Rooms.
Students &
Learn lessons that you won't find in lectures by taking on Rochester Escape Rooms with fellow students.

The game tests teamwork, cognitive ability and lateral thinking – all qualities that you need for your studies.

The clues are there. You just need to find the answers.
It's spring break and today you are planning to fly to the Bahamas to vacation with your family. Last night you and your roommates had a crazy night of partying. You wake up to find that your friends played a prank on you and hid your airline ticket, but they at least left behind clues to help you find it. Find the ticket and escape the dorm room in less than an hour, or else you'll miss your flight and spring break.
Your car has broken down on a dusty road in the middle of nowhere. There's only one building around, so you enter it looking for help. It's not long before you realize that it's an abandoned Bed & Breakfast and things aren't as they seem. As the door slams shut behind you locking you in, the clock starts ticking and you have 1 hour to escape.



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  • The escape room is designed to be played by teams of eight players. We ask that a minimum of four and a maximum of eight players take part at a time.

  • Players should be aged 14 or older. Players under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over.

  • Rochester Escape Rooms does not tolerate the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or "legal highs". Players judged to be under the influence of these substances will be banned from the game.

  • It is forbidden to damage or vandalize furniture, items of the escape game or accessories, and players must bear the cost of any intentional damage caused.

  • Personal belongings including jackets, mobile phones, bags and keys remain the player's responsibility while on site and Rochester Escape Rooms takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

  • Surprise and mystery are important elements of the experience at Rochester Escape Rooms, and for this reason the taking of photographs is not permitted inside the game areas. However, if you would like to take photographs in our reception area to share with your friends on social media, we are more than happy for you to do so!

  • We want Rochester Escape Rooms to be a challenge that everyone can enjoy and we do our best to make it accessible to those with disabilities. Unfortunately we can't anticipate every possible needed accommodation, so if special needs are warranted, please contact us prior to booking to inquire as to the appropriateness of the rooms for your specific challenge.

  • Players will be monitored during the game, but there will also always be a means to exit the room in case of an emergency.

  • Rochester Escape Rooms reserves the right to stop the game at any point if game guidelines or safety regulations are breached.


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Rochester Escape Rooms