Haunted B&B

Your car has broken down on a dusty road in the middle of nowhere. There’s only one building around, so you enter it looking for help. It’s not long before you realize that it’s an abandoned Bed & Breakfast and things aren’t as they seem. As the door slams shut behind you locking you in, the clock starts ticking and you have 1 hour to escape

– 38% Escape Rate

The Heist

You are international art thieves! And you’ve broken into the private gallery of Dr Watson, looking for the original painting stored in the vault. Your task is to find the vault, find the original painting – not any fakes – and escape; but you’ve only managed to disable the security system for an hour…

– 46% Escape Rate
– Family Friendly

Sunken Treasure

You and your friends enjoy getting together to go scuba diving looking for treasure and sunken ships. You have received an anonymous tip that there is sunken treasure in a lake right here in Rochester, New York! You and your friends grab your gear and dive down, and before long you come across a sunken pirate ship. Your friend notices you only have 1 hour of oxygen left, but you don’t want to leave empty handed. You take on the challenge; to find the treasure before your oxygen runs out! 

– 50% Escape Rate
– Family Friendly
– Perfect for new players

Totally 80’s


– 74% Escape Rate
– Family Friendly